Today Child Care News Emotional Trauma From Parents: 5 Tips To Handle It

Emotional Trauma From Parents: 5 Tips To Handle It

Emotional Trauma From Parents 5 Tips To Handle It

Do your parents’ words or actions ever make you feel bad? If so, your parents may have caused you emotional trauma. This means that they intentionally used words or deeds to hurt your feelings and harm your health. Even as an adult, emotional abuse from parents can have an impact. You might struggle with your relationships with friends, yourself, or your emotions. As a result of what transpired, you might also have unpleasant memories or nightmares. However, you can improve and find happiness. In this article, we will explain what Emotional Trauma From Parents: 5 Tips To Handle It and how it can affect you. You will understand more about parental emotional trauma and how to handle it by the end of this article. You will also learn how to love yourself and be happy. So, let’s start!

1. Know the signs of emotional abuse

You should start by realizing that what your parents did was wrong. They should not have caused you harm through their words or deeds. They should have loved you and cared for you.

Some indications that your parents have harmed you are:

  • They frequently yelled at you or said hurtful things to you.
  • For things that were not your fault, they assigned blame to you.
  • They did not pay attention to you or care about your feelings.
  • For wanting or needing something, they made you feel bad or guilty about it.
  • You were ridiculed or shamed for your appearance or personal preferences.
  • They directed you as to what to do or who to be with.
  • You were forced to carry out actions you did not want to.
  • You felt perplexed or insane around them.
  • They did not embrace you or compliment you.
  • They did not look out for you or assist you.

Any of these actions by your parents would be detrimental to you.

2. Get help from a professional

It can be challenging to overcome emotional abuse on your own. Therefore, someone with experience helping those who have been harmed by their parents may be able to assist you. A therapist is someone like this. Moreover, a therapist can assist you in talking about your emotions, developing positive self-talk, and learning problem-solving techniques.

  • Find out who to see by asking your doctor.
  • Find therapists in your area or who can speak with you on the phone or computer by searching online.
  • Make a call to a support group for children whose parents have harmed them.
  • Consult a person you trust to recommend a reputable therapist.
  • Choose a therapist who you feel at ease and safe around.

3. Find people who support you

Finding people who are concerned for you and comprehend what you are going through is another option. Even though you might feel isolated or embarrassed by what happened to you, there are people who can support you. Having people who support you can make you feel better, happier, and stronger.

Following are a few strategies for locating supporters:

  • Consult your compassionate and supportive friends and family members.
  • Join a group of people who have also experienced parental abuse.
  • Talk to people who have experienced similar circumstances online.
  • Try to help others, join a club, or engage in an activity you enjoy.
  • Seek out those who can inspire or instruct you.

4. Take care of yourself

In order to recover from emotional abuse, taking care of oneself is crucial. Making sure your body and mind are healthy and happy is part of taking care of yourself. You can feel less stressed, more optimistic, more self-assured, and healthier by taking care of yourself.

Some things you can do to take care of yourself are:

  • Rest when you need to and get enough sleep.
  • Consume nutritious foods and water.
  • Avoid using alcohol and other drugs.
  • Get some exercise and engage in satisfying activities.
  • Engage in yoga, meditation, or deep breathing
  • Write, draw, paint, or express yourself through other means.
  • Play games, watch happy movies, listen to happy music, or read happy books.
  • Step outside or spend time with animals
  • Consider rewarding yourself with a spa day, massage, or a relaxing bath.
  • Say encouraging or appreciative things to yourself.

5. Make rules with your parents

Although it can be challenging, setting rules with your parents can help you feel liberated and secure. Rules are the ways you communicate to others and to yourself what you are and are not comfortable with. Rules can prevent further harm or abuse while also preserving your health and happiness.

Some ways to make rules with your parents are:

  • Tell them up front what you need and want from them as well as what they are not allowed to do to you. 
  • If they continue to bother you or cause you pain, speak to them less or not at all.
  • If they make you feel bad, do not respond to their calls, texts, emails, or messages.
  • When someone tries to harm you or someone you care about, seek assistance from the police or another person.
  • If you are feeling bad or confused about making rules, seek assistance from someone else.

Remember that making rules is not bad or rude. It is a way of loving yourself and your needs.


In this article, we have discussed how to feel better if your parents hurt you with their words or actions. We have discussed parental emotional trauma and how it can affect you as an adult. We have also given you some pointers and examples on how to spot the signs of emotional abuse, seek professional help, form a support network, practice self-care, and establish boundaries with your parents. You can heal from your trauma and live a happy life if you follow these steps. First of all, you are deserving of love and respect. Secondly, you are not alone, and you bear no responsibility. Thirdly, you are a strong and resilient person. Finally, you are deserving of healing. We hope you found this article to be useful and informative. Thank you for reading!

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